I support you in these topics

Consulting in Change Processes

Initiating fundamental change in your organization and making it sustainable is a major challenge. As a consultant, I will support you in designing and implementing these processes effectively.

Division and Team Development

In an increasingly complex working environment, high-performing departments and teams are the key to your strategic success. I offer you tailor-made consulting and support for their development.

Leadership Development

Your executives are the key people for the successful implementation of your corporate strategy. As a trainer, I will support you in showing them the appropriate attitude and tools.

International Work

Globally active companies need managers, teams and employees who have the necessary intercultural skills to be successful in an international environment. I will support you as a trainer and coach in a practice-oriented and target-oriented style.


With my help as a coach, my clients develop their professional and personal potential and develop possibilities and solutions for their specific concerns and those of your organization.


The diversity of perspectives in your team or working group and the time you spend together are among your most valuable resources. As a moderator, I will see to it that you and your team make the best possible use can make the best possible use of your time together to achieve your goals.

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