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If you want to change and develop yourself, your team or your entire organization, you need an idea of what the future holds, the energy to implement it and the appropriate methods. I am a consultant, trainer and coach with a passion for professionally supporting change and development processes. I am happy to help you find the way to your goals. Find out more about me and my services on the following pages.

For the optimist, life is not a problem but the solution.

Marcel Pagnol


„Energy“ for passionate Tekkies!

„Energy“ for passionate Tekkies!

SUCCESSFUL TEAMEVENT FOR A SOFTWARE COMPANY Just recently, I have been assigned by the two founders of a software company to design and facilitate their annual “Energy” event for their associates. Since many new colleagues had come on board during the last couple of months, we focused first on strengthening the…

„Energy“ for passionate Tekkies!

SUCCESSFUL TEAMEVENT FOR A SOFTWARE COMPANY Just recently, I have been assigned by the two founders of a software company to…

Happy Chinese New Year!

WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF THE METAL RAT. In Chinese astrology, not only is every year associated with one of…

What does Lateral Leadership have to do with Digital Leadership?

LATERAL LEADERSHIP: ENERGETIC TRAINING IN SWITZERLAND I just got back from Switzerland where I delivered a training on Lateral Leadership…

That's What a Far Eastern-Western Trainer Trio Looks Like.

WONDERFUL TEAMWORK ACROSS CULTURES We are ready to deliver our Training on Effective Sino-German Collaboration: Let’s welcome our participants!

What my Clients say

Very pleasant and professional training. Good understanding of international organizations and its challenges.

Ludovic Basset Head of Program Management, Development and Design | Fuyao Europe GmbH

Diana worked for me in the role of “Organizational Change Manager” in a large IT project. With her help, we managed to reach all the stakeholders affected by the change through a well tailored and implemented communication concept. This was a huge step in getting commitment in our organization. Thank you very much!”

Dieter Winter IT Program Manager | Automotive Industry

I attended a virtual leadership training around Lateral Management led by Diana. It was a really valuable learning experience. In this virtual environment, Diana managed to build strong interaction & engagement from the whole group of participants, bringing up a mix of theory & practice while having time for discussion & debrief. I would really recommend Diana’s virtual training course.

Julie Telliez Global Scientific Director Oncology | F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Training with Diana is not your regular training session. I feel that, if normally I absorb a 20% of a common course, with her as a coach I was able to get a 80% out of it. Additionally, she was very good on advising personally by listening to my particular case. The room set up, the positive energy and the closeness she offers are key to a great training session as the one we had for three days at Roche. Very pleased to meet you Diana and I recommend everyone to do a training with her!

Claudia Mares Inhouse Bank Specialist | F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Diana was working with me and our team on various topics linked to change management, collaboration and leadership. I appreciated her style of work in those workshops and projects very much: precise, fast recognition of the group’s needs and requirements, with very good social competence in interaction with the participants. I like her style of leading workshops, moderating conflicts and ‘tough’ discussions, every time with respect to all participants; also taking the targets of the event and the different steps, levels and the timing of the change process in our organization into consideration. Good counterpart for sparring, all the time. 

Daniel Pridal Vice President Manufacturing and Quality | Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH

Analytical skills, extensive experience, down-to-earth attitude and empathy. Diana Wörner has all the necessary competencies to excel in her assignments.

Stephanie Reuter Vice President Corporate Communication  | PAUL HARTMANN AG

Diana Wörner is one of the most competent sparrings partners for leadership and transformation I have met so far. Her cross-functional knowledge, her intercultural perspective, her structured approach as well as her target-group oriented communication skills are outstanding.

Zhen Huang Regional President China | Automotive Industry

Enthusiastic and creative leader with lots of hands on experience in demanding change and transformation situations.

Christian Sobottka President Automotive | HARMANN International

I know Diana from several international group events. Diana supported me with great motivation and spirit, when we went through executive leadership training with some tough topics. Her great skills and chilling ideas were always very beneficial when we prepared the event. We put together the story line, defined the moderation tools and finally set up the event with a clear expectation and moderation concept. Diana moderated the events with different styles. Sometimes she was a moderator “only”. In other situations, she took an active lead in moderating the “hot potatoes” when we were facing challenging topics. She is very knowledgable with her moderation style, which I really appreciate and like. The events took several days and always were a great success. The feedback of the participants was excellent. Working with Diana was both professional, successful and fun at the same time.

Heiko Chudzick Executive Vice President of Operations | Hexagon Composites ASA

Dear Diana, your trainings, change process interventions and coaching are excellent. It is always a pleasure to work with you. In our workshops with participants from locations all over the world, your workshop design, moderation and follow-up was highly professional. Thank you very much for giving a stable and constructive structure to our dynamics. The results and the participants’ feedback confirm the outstanding job you did. I can only recommend you.

Dr. Dirk Welting Senior Vice President Quality Management | Automotive Industry

Rarely have I met anyone who combines analytical thinking, a high degree of empathy and the ability to weave both naturally into every conversation. These skills are incredibly beneficial to Diana’s clients on their way to finding and implementing solutions. Knowing Diana is enriching and I feel very thankful to know I can count on her in every challenge, both in a professional and private context.

Linn Schöllhorn Managing Director | KinderHelden gGmbH

For several years, Diana has been very professionally designing and facilitating our Finance & Controlling leadership team’s annual strategy workshops. With the help of carefully chosen methods and tools, she excellenty leads us through our working process and team discussions and makes sure that implementation is easy for us back at the workplace. These workshops are an important contribution to strengthen our leadership team and continuously develop our division. Especially, her friendly and consistent time management are highly appreciated!

Fabian Reichenstein Senior Vice President Finance & Controlling | Automotive Industry

Professional support in complex leadership challenges can really boost your performance. I really want to thank Diana a lot.

Dr. Eugen Sworowski Senior Manager Hardware Development | Automotive Industry

Over the past two years, I have assigned Diana to accompany various structural change processes (post-merger integration, restructuring, joint venture integration). The interventions she designed and carried out, whether in workshops, training sessions or individual sessions, took us a very big step forward in shaping our organization.

Peter Fuchs Project Leader Customer Performance | Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH

We hired Diana as a facilitator for our international leadership workshop. Due to her excellent preparation and Diana’s energy during the workshop, we were able to make considerable progress in all our topics. It was our 7th meeting, however, the first one facilitated by Diana. Unisono we received the feedback that this has been the best meeting so far.

Frank Langer Vice President Corporate Purchasing and Logistics Plant Quality Automotive | Robert Bosch GmbH

Diana has excellently accompanied my team and me in our development process, which lasted several months. Our team workshops as well as my individual leadership coachings were very solution-oriented and very well tailored to our needs. This support was very important for me as a Brazilian leader in Germany.

Ivan Rodrigues da Silva Product Engineering Manager | Automotive Industry

For two years, Diana has been successfully accompanying me in my professional development. I highly benefit from her structured and at the same time individualized approach. Her emphatic attitude helps me to focus on the points I want to work on and to find suitable solutions.

Michael Roth Projektleiter | Automotive Industry

Since 2016, Diana has been supporting us very successfully in our team development. With the help of her creativity, competence and consistency, we have considerably strengthened and refocused the team.

Bernd Esswein Global Key Account Manager | Automotive Industry

Diana has been supporting me as a mentor in my first leadership assignment after completing my master’s degree. What I appreciate most is her ability to develop concrete approaches in our discussions. This helps me to fulfill my tasks, to overcome challenges and to develop both professionally and as a person.

Franziska Mages Head of HR Analytics and Workforce Planning | Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA