Discover and Develop Your Professional and Personal Potential

With my help as a coach you develop your professional and personal potential and develop possibilities and solutions for your concrete issues.

You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.

Galileo Galilei

Your Benefits

As a client:

  • Clear objectives and developed personal solutions for change and implementation
  • Professional and effective preparation for new challenges and tasks in your working environment

As an employer:

  • Activation of existing potential among your managers and employees
  • Sustainable performance improvement and behavioral change among your managers and employees
  • Customized coaching according to the particular needs of your company

My Main Fields of Work

  • Transition Coaching, to help you take on a new leadership position and to promote your effectiveness in the new role.
  • Leadership Coaching, to assist you in challenging situations in your leadership skills. Occasions can include e.g., the occurrence of conflict situations, your role in change processes, the pursuit of challenging project management tasks or the leadership of an international team.
  • Coaching for Personality Development and
    Life Objectives, to accompany you in change and upheaval situations. This includes the development of new career goals and the associated implementation steps.

My Approach

The central element of systemic coaching is the conversation between me as a coach and you as a client. You reflect personal thoughts, behaviors and values with the help of my methodology. Based on this, you define further steps for your desired change.

I see myself as a companion of your individual development process. My work is characterized by a maximum of empathy and appreciation. Together, we work on your topic through a structured approach. This will help you to take new perspectives on your context and identify alternative behaviors or solutions. Working on the implementation focuses on using your personal strengths and resources.