Consulting in Change Processes

Consulting in Change Processes

Going the Way from the Old to the New

Initiating radical change in an organization and anchoring it sustainably represents a major challenge.

In particular, the transition from the old to the new, with a view to the changing objectives, must be designed in such a way that the leaders and employees involved can make their contribution. At the same time, it is necessary to make room for effective learning processes within the organization and to ensure transparent and open communication. This way, you and your company use the existing potential to effectively deal with the changes in a swift way.

The successful people in this world are those who actively seek the circumstances they want. And, if they don’t find them, make them.

George Bernard Shaw

As a consultant, I support you in designing, controlling and implementing these processes of transition in a holistic, structured and efficient manner. I carry out larger projects with network partners or in cooperation with consulting companies.

My Main Fields of Work

  • Development and implementation of change architectures and intervention designs for change processes
  • Support of internationalization processes
  • Development of an international corporate and management culture

Key Elements

1. Analysis and Diagnostics

First, I consider your requirements and your context, and with the help of the appropriate diagnostic methods, I get a clear picture of your company’s initial situation.

2. Goal- and Procedure Development

Based on the insights gained and the hypotheses derived from them, we work out your precise objectives and the resulting need for action for your change project. Using this as a foundation, I will develop a concept for you to proceed further.

3. Change Architecture and Implementation

I design and moderate tailor-made change architecture for you, which creates room for participation, information, learning and exchange for your managers and employees with regard to the objectives. I pay attention to the factual, social, temporal and spatial aspects that are important for you and your company. Possible elements of this change architecture and its implementation are

  • Design and facilitation of interaction formats for groups, such as workshops, large group events, group and individual coaching on different levels and the development of appropriate designs.
  • Design and implementation of target-group-oriented communication using the internal media landscape
  • Create the space for information and feedback, such as dialogue forums, roadshows, feedback events, staff meetings, etc.

4. Evaluation and Performance Review

Together with your in-house personnel, I evaluate the success of your change process.