„Energy“ for passionate Tekkies!

„Energy“ for passionate Tekkies!


Just recently, I have been assigned by the two founders of a software company to design and facilitate their annual “Energy” event for their associates.

Since many new colleagues had come on board during the last couple of months, we focused first on strengthening the team cohesion and mutual trust by carefully selected team-building interventions. During „Resource Gossip“ the team members could practice their appreciative feedback skills and learn more about each other.

For the strategic review and outlook, the two CEOS used a specifically created picture gallery that had been installed in the new office environment, a recently renovated factory building from the 19th century.

The afternoon was completely dedicated to the founding story of the company and the culture that has been developed since the beginning. The two founders had the opportunity to present their founding mission and vision to their associates. The discussion of the corporate culture was supported by using an adapted version of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. Creative methods helped to visualize the most important aspects which was extremely useful for the exchange between the team and the management.

I enjoyed designing and facilitating this event very much. At the end of the day, the whole group was highly vitalized and motivated for all upcoming challenges!

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