Safe on the Roller Coaster: “Leading in the VUKA World" Development Modules   

Safe on the Roller Coaster: “Leading in the VUKA World" Development Modules   

VUKA is an acronym of the terms volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. VUKA is usually used to describe our complex ever-changing world, which brings with it many uncertainties and ambiguities.  

As part of the multi-module development series “Leading in the VUKA World”, I have been working very intensively with international executives from a sales team in the food industry over the last few months. The wish of my clients was to deal intensively with the topic of leading in the VUKA world and to reflect on the central best practices and adapt them to their area of responsibility.  


How did we proceed?  

In 4 modules, we dealt extensively with the topic of “Promoting self-organization as an important response to the VUKA world”. We used agile principles as well as SCRUM teams and their way of working as illustrative examples. The managers were given a lot of inspiration on how to strengthen the aspect of self-organization in their teams. In addition to impulses for team development, we worked intensively on leadership techniques and tools that strengthen positive communication and personal responsibility in the team.  


As a second major content pillar, we dealt in detail with the topic of “psychological safety”. As a starting point, we used a self-assessment and team assessment, which already led to a very constructive exchange within the leadership team itself and was continued by the managers in their individual areas of responsibility. With the help of the S.A.F.E.T.Y. model and methods such as the Trust Battery, we were able to further deepen individual aspects.  


What are my personal insights on the topic of leading and working together in the VUKA world?  

  • One should question the existing status quo at sensible intervals in order to always work optimally. 
  • Self-organization of all employees should be encouraged and learning cycles should be conducted at high frequency.
  • Regularly taking a bird’s eye view helps to realign oneself based on the “Big Picture”.
  • In order to be able to work innovatively and efficiently, the existing diversity should be used, i.e. employees should be perceived as a whole person with their competencies, not just limited to their current role.   

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