I know Diana from several international group events. Diana supported me with great motivation and spirit, when we went through executive leadership training with some tough topics. Her great skills and chilling ideas were always very beneficial when we prepared the event. We put together the story line, defined the moderation tools and finally set up the event with a clear expectation and moderation concept. Diana moderated the events with different styles. Sometimes she was a moderator “only”. In other situations, she took an active lead in moderating the “hot potatoes” when we were facing challenging topics. She is very knowledgable with her moderation style, which I really appreciate and like. The events took several days and always were a great success. The feedback of the participants was excellent. Working with Diana was both professional, successful and fun at the same time.

Heiko Chudzick Heiko Chudzick Executive Vice President of Operations | Hexagon Composites ASA